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I share the top-five links I discover in a weekly newsletter called “Friday Finds.”

Friday Finds is not like other links-only newsletters, which are focused on the news and the drama of the day. Instead, I aim to only share links that you won’t find elsewhere. Friday Finds is a break from the rest of the news-obsessed Internet, where curators focus on utility over interestingness and urgency over importance, and the timely over the timeless.

The articles are as diverse as my interests. On any given week, you might learn about the philosophy of Aristotle, the state of universities, or how technology shapes Western culture. No matter what, I promise that each edition will be fresh and worthy of your attention.

Readers say:

  • What sets Friday Finds apart from other curation newsletters is that David finds links that 1) I haven’t seen before and 2) that are interesting. His depth of questioning and breadth of reading make him the rare curator that other curators curate. — Luke

  • David Perell’s Friday Finds are amazing hidden gems. I love how he curates links and content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. His coverage is expansive with wide-ranging topics to include everything from business writing to space travel to spiritual enlightenment. Highly recommend this newsletter (along with his Monday Musings). — Yinh

  • Friday Finds is the only newsletter I always click open. It has invaluable references to content you won’t find anywhere else. — Rui

  • I really enjoy starting my Friday morning with David Perell’s “Friday Finds.” This is no ordinary newsletter – David does an incredible job of creating a sense of conversation in this newsletter. His ability to convey authenticity through his writing makes it feel as though the two of you are sitting across from each other – enjoying a cup of coffee as David expresses his thoughts from the morning. — Justice

  • There’s nothing better than heading into the weekend feeling like your mind is on fire with new ideas and expanded sense of the world. Friday Finds gives you that feeling at the end of every week. Definitely subscribe if you want to be the most interesting person at the dinner table this weekend. But subscribe and read it for the pure joy of new ideas you’ve never thought, new perspectives you’ve never considered, and new worlds you didn’t know existed. — Zakk

  • In an environment awash in an ever-increasing number of articles, blog posts, and podcasts, David’s Friday Finds serves as a reliable filter for surfacing valuable, interesting, and eclectic information. — Brian

  • Friday Finds and Monday Musings are two notes I look forward to receiving every week. In between, I regularly follow @david_perell on Twitter to gain additional nuggets of information and great insight. — Dimitri

  • Been subscribed to Monday Musings and Friday Finds for a while now and all I have to say is that David needs to be named Chief Curating Officer (CCO) of the internet! — Manuel

  • My favorite part about Friday Finds is how wide-ranging the topics are. Not only is FF informative, but it helps me become more well-rounded which is always useful. — George

  • I look forward to David’s emails. On Mondays or Fridays or anything in between. The ideas are so fresh and I always have more than a thing or two to learn and think about. That’s what a good writer does to you: makes you think. — Nisha

  • Every week I discover 5 great things on Friday Finds. That’s 50 great things every year. Why would I not want 50 new interesting ideas every year? Simple as that. — Daniel

  • David Perell’s Friday Finds emails is one of the few emails I look forward to receiving. It’s a generous gift of curated content that’s both interesting and useful. Each week, I leave having read one or more of the links offered in better spirits. — Ben

  • Friday Finds is one of the great filters in an online world of endless noise and attention-seeking. I know the links will be thoughtful and interesting. There is usually at least one article I share with a friend or co-worker. Keep up the wonderful work. — Mike

  • I love Friday finds. David’s curiosity and writing help me explore design, sports, and business. Always worth the read! — Drew

  • You have inspired my own work enormously over the past couple of months, and I now eagerly await your Friday and Monday updates. My area of creativity lies in visual summarization of the written and spoken word. I use a different Second Brain application than yourself and Tiago, but it all adds up to the same result – LifelongLearning adventure. Many thanks for your superb inspiration, guidance and teaching and I hope a long association. — Colin

  • I’m signed up to a lot of email newsletters but David Perell’s are the only ones I read without fail. I click through on at least one item in his newsletter every time and every now and then I find something utterly transformative – transformative to my business, to my thinking about the world or about how I write. They are gold-dust! Keep up the great work. — Mike

  • Thank you for taking the time to put together this wonderful newsletter. I have to discover new authors and perspectives of the world which are making me smarter. It’s like a breath of fresh air and I enjoy reading it on Saturday mornings over the coffee. — Claudiu

  • Friday Finds has quickly become something I look forward to each and every week. I consistently find something to save to Pocket and it’s a great way to wrap up the work week 👍 — Michael

  • I’ve just been subscribed for about a few months I believe and enjoy this newsletter because you expose me to new writers, ideas and thought I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Makes me feel as though my intellectual horizons are expanding. There’s information everywhere all the time but the brief summaries from your perspective are very helpful in helping me decide whether I’m interested in reading further. Thanks heaps for what you do! — Christine

  • One thing I have always struggled with is creativity. Reading your Friday Finds really helps get my creative juices flowing, with your fantastic finds, podcasts and published articles. — Michelle

  • Friday Finds is easily one of my favourite weekly emails. In a world with so much worth discovering, David offers a myriad of ideas and content and makes it so easy for me to explore and exercise my curiosity. Paired with Monday Musings, it’s impossible to not find something I want to pursue! — Caylyn

  • Love the newsletter! Friday Finds is like an intellectual candy store. I inevitably find some new rabbit hole to devour that ends up expanding my view of the world. — Joey

  • Short and sweet, David concisely summarizes his best weekly finds and insights of the week with a unique angle on very diverse topics. I’m subscribed to tons of newsletters and David’s is one I make sure I always have time to read. — Juliette

  • David newsletter is one of my serendipity rooms. Each week I know I’ll open the mail and have a lot off door’s with plenty to explore. Something knew to learn, something to remember off, some notes to take. A useful starting point. — Manuel

  • One of the most original, thought provoking young entrepreneurs: David researches and shares some truly stunning insights from philosophy, business and academia. It’s grounded in humanity, simplicity and elegance. Beautiful work. — Mary

  • I love Friday finds for the best collage of varied topics from a vast pool of information. Diversity builds the character in the topics covered every week. That makes it as interesting as your morning cup of coffee which one look forward to. Keep us enlightened. — Raghu

  • I love reading and as such, David provides links to ideas and more which he thinks is amazing in Friday Finds. The best part is, I often find something interesting to read. Thank you, we need more curators like you. — Rohan

  • I constantly and aggressively have to unsubscribe from content I don’t want cluttering my email inbox. I only have a few email newsletters I subscribe to and look forward to each week. Friday Finds and Monday Musings are the two newsletters I specifically go hunting for in my inbox each week to see what new content you have put out. You have a gift for finding and sharing articles in the Today’s Finds section that I almost always find fascinating and have not seen elsewhere through any of my other channels of reading. Thank you for taking the time to create these wonderful curated lists each week! — Jonathan

  • Insightful, curated, and refreshing – if I would need to choose three words to describe the Newsletter, those would be it. Each week, David provides you a glimpse into new topics, interesting papers, and fascinating ideas that broaden your horizon. As a long-time subscriber, I highly recommend the Friday Finds Emails to every curious person out there: it’s time well spend and you won’t regret it! — Kathrin

  • Friday Finds and Monday Musings are easily my favorite newsletters. David’s routinely finds the most worthy rabbit holes to go down, for which I’m truly grateful. — Chris

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