Monday Musings by David Perell

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Monday Musings started as a hobby in 2017, and today it’s grown to more than 70,000 people.

I spend hours consuming videos, books, articles, and podcasts every week and I save the best nuggets for Musings. Each edition is designed to save you time. Instead of giving you a link and asking you to consume the entire thing, I strip away the best parts and share them with you. Then, I add context to each story.

You’ll find samples of the kinds of things you’ll learn here and here.

The topics are as broad as what I write about on this website. On any given week, I’ll share a graph that shows how people walk faster in dense cities, a collection of beautiful rainy day photos, pictures of professional cyclists smoking cigarettes during the Tour deFrance, photos of Spanish train stations, or a collection of quotes from the book I’m reading.

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What Readers say

This is what some of my 35,864 readers said about Monday Musings:

  • “All I have to say is that David needs to be named Chief Curating Officer (CCO) of the internet!” — Manuel Rodríguez Acosta

  • “The ideas are so fresh and I always have more than a thing or two to learn and think about. That’s what a good writer does to you: makes you think.” — Nisha Ramchandani

  • You have inspired my own work enormously over the past couple of months, and I now eagerly await your Friday and Monday updates. — Colin

  • I’m signed up to a lot of email newsletters but David Perell’s are the only ones I read without fail. I click through on at least one item in his newsletter every time and every now and then I find something utterly transformative – transformative to my business, to my thinking about the world or about how I write. They are gold-dust! Keep up the great work. — Mike Baxter

  • “I’ve just been subscribed for about a few months I believe and enjoy this newsletter because you expose me to new writers, ideas and thought I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Makes me feel as though my intellectual horizons are expanding. There’s information everywhere all the time but the brief summaries from your perspective are very helpful in helping me decide whether I’m interested in reading further. Thanks heaps for what you do!” — Christine

  • “One of the most original, thought provoking young entrepreneurs: David researches and shares some truly stunning insights from philosophy, business and academia. It’s grounded in humanity, simplicity and elegance. Beautiful work.” — Mary

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