Welcome to my intellectual lab.

My notebook is where I develop my ideas in public. If my essays are finished paintings, these are my intellectual sketches. They’re a low-stakes place where I share ideas that are longer than a tweet, but too immature for a full-on essay.

My notebook is like a personal Wikipedia. There are two ways to navigate it. You can either surf between the recommendations at the bottom of each note or follow the infinite scroll below.

A couple talking in chairs at sunset

Latest note

Learning to Actually Listen

I’ve been listening the wrong way my entire life — with just my ears. True listening is a totalizing, full-body experience.

Shanghai in fog

Sensitivity Isn’t Static

The sensitivity of our senses ebbs and flows based on who we’re with and where we are. If you’re looking to be more perceptive, start by changing your environment.

28 Pieces of Life Advice

In honor of my 28th birthday, here are 28 pieces of life advice.

The TWA Hotel

The core concepts are simple. The implementation is borderline excessive.

What I Got Wrong About Business

Too many people waste years in hollow ‘entrepreneurship’ classes.

Instead, we need to develop the domain expertise that leads to entrepreneurial ideas.

The Counterfactual Theory of Value

The Labor Theory of Value argues that the value of a product or a service is determined by the amount of labor required to produce it. If so, something that takes 100 hours to produce is worth 10x more than something that takes 10 hours.

Thoughts on Montreal

I visited Montreal for the first time.

How Should You Write?

There are two ways to write: The Printer Method and the Pixel Method.

The Stupid Test

Whenever you’re trying to solve a problem, ask yourself: “What answer am I missing because it seems too stupid?”

Intellectual Loneliness

I have a confession to make: I leave most parties early because I’d rather read a book.

Should You Write Every Day?

When I started working out, I hated it. I wanted to gain muscle but dreaded working out. Eventually, a friend got fed up with my laziness and told me what I needed to hear: “If you want to build the habit, go to the gym every single day without fail.”

People Don’t Actually Read

People don’t read as much as they say they do.

Lifting Alone

Gyms were once communal places. Nobody wore headphones. People helped each other out and talked between sets.