Bottom-up view of an urban water feature

A Divine Intuition

There are two kinds of intuition: a secular intuition and a God-inspired one.

Under a secular mindset, intuition comes from a vague sense of feeling what moves and excites you. It’s all about you — your wants, needs, passions, and desires. As society trends towards a secular mindset, it forfeits the divinity around us. 

A heavenly, God-inspired intuition is different.1 Self-gain is replaced by self-sacrifice, in service of a higher purpose. It’s a divinity-led adventure, not a solo endeavor — where you surrender to the wishes of a higher power instead of relentlessly going after your self-driven desires. Worshippers come to understand God’s wishes by reading Scripture. Through prayer, we come to ask Him questions.


 I’m referring to a Judeo-Christian God here. 

The deeper your relationship is with God, the more He works through you and steers your intuition. 

And so, intuition becomes a union between man and the divine. It stops being about what you want and more about how you can uniquely serve God.

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Cover photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash