Summer of Learning



The Summer of Learning is a bundle of two online courses: Building a Second Brain and Write of Passage. I’ll be co-teaching both courses with Tiago Forte, the founder of Forte Labs. Together, they are an end-to-end curriculum for dedicated professionals, executives, creators, and writers.

Building a Second Brain will help you store, organize, and manage all your information. Write of Passage applies your knowledge and information to develop written content and build your audience.

You can purchase the Summer of Learning bundle here.

Who is the Summer of Learning For?

You’re drowning in information overload. You’re scrambling to keep up with your emails, messages, meetings, travel itineraries, research materials, favorite podcasts, and reading lists. The madness is making you stressed, anxious, and unproductive. You want to be a leader in your organization. You have colleagues who rely on you. You want to know more, read more, write more, and achieve more. But right now, all that information is hogging your time. It’s overwhelming.

We get it. We’ve felt your stress. We have a solution for you. And we’ve done most of the hard work for you.

You need a system for managing your ideas. An organized way to store everything you read, hear, and experience in a central place, so you can can find access information on demand. A system for managing, interpreting, and combining information in productive ways. A system for developing interesting ideas, writing them down, and sharing your insights with the world. It’s a breakthrough system for taking information overload from a source of crippling anxiety to a competitive superpower. 

That way, you can do more with less.

What Will You Learn?

First, you’ll learn to save and organize all the information that’s important to you. That way, no matter where in the world you are, you’ll be able to retrieve information when you need it the most. Then, you’ll build your online presence and learn a repeatable system for quality writing. You’ll be able to create opportunities for yourself, connect with anybody, and use the internet to accomplish your goals.

By the end of the summer, you’ll be able to write consistently and instantly retrieve your valuable information when you need it most. Writers block will be a thing of the past. You’ll have a personal website, and a reliable way to distribute your ideas to the people who matter most. You’ll create a series of published articles on your website and have the confidence and capacity to share your ideas with the world.

Every moment spent trying to remember an idea is a moment spent not creating one. You have access to the best thinking of the world’s best thinkers right at your fingertips. But right now, you’re not taking advantage of it. It’s time to gather it, distill it, and share it.

This is your chance to take control.

How Much Time Will This Take?

The Summer of Learning consists of two courses. First, you will take Building a Second Brain. Then you will take Write of Passage. 

Both courses are taught live online. You’ll need an internet connection to access the live sessions. If you aren’t able to make a live session, you’ll be able to watch a recorded version online. That way, you won’t fall behind if you’re busy. 

Building a Second Brain will run 4 weeks from July 3 – July 24. In addition to the live sessions, the course requires 4-6 hours of focused attention each week. The live sessions for Building a Second Brain will be given on the following dates:

  • Live Session #1: July 3, 10am PST

  • Live Session #2: July 10, 10am PST

  • Live Session #3: July 17, 10am PST

  • Live Session #4: July 24, 10am PST

Write of Passage will run from August 14 – September 18. In addition to the live sessions, the course requires 6-8 hours of focused attention each week. The live sessions for Write of Passage will be given on the following dates:

  • Live Session #1: August 14, 8PM EST

  • Live Session #2 & 3: August 19 & 21, 8PM EST

  • Live Session #4 & 5: August 26 & 28, 8PM EST

  • Live Session #6 & 7: September 2 & 4, 8PM EST

  • Live Session #8 & 9: September 9 & 11, 8PM EST

  • Live Session #10 & 11: September 16 & 18, 8PM EST

How Much Will This Cost?

By signing up for the Summer of Learning bundle, you’ll receive a $100 discount if you sign up for both courses.

Payment plans are also available.

Note: If you’d only like to sign up for one of the courses, you can sign up for Building a Second Brain or Write of Passage individually.

what are people saying about these courses?

Building a Second Brain

“The sensation of certainty – that I knew that whatever had peaked my interest, I could capture it so easily – and there was a well thought out framework where it ended up, just waiting to be used towards achieving my dreams – that sensation was a real feeling of having gotten smarter. This in turn gave a noticeable boost in self-confidence and energy towards working on my projects. It’s hard to understate the sense of growth of who I am – of what I’m capable of achieving. It has profoundly altered my outlook on life and what I dare to aspire to.” — Filip Rankenberg

“Building a Second Brain was just the class I was looking for to help me take my work in education philanthropy to the next level. Not only did I learn how to build a system to organize my sources and notes, but I also learned a technique to process this information to keep it alive.” Now I know how to add value by growing the resources I collect into actionable ideas to take back out into the field.” — Christine Walther Tripp, Executive Director, The Walther Foundation

Write of Passage

“This course turned what I thought I knew about writing on its head. The Age of Leverage opens up a world of opportunity to everyone in a way that was not previously available. To harness this, you need a new way of capturing, distilling and distributing what you create. Write of Passage is the instrument of this creation, the writing you then create is the music.” — Lindsey Honari

“The course is exceeding my expectations. Number one positive has been the density. It is obvious you both respect student’s time and have distilled a massive amount of information into ultra high quality content for us to consume. Thank you.” — Stephen Longo

Further Reading

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