Start Your Business by Writing

If you want to start a business, writing online is the best way to start.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Writing online makes marketing easier. The people who read your writing now will become your customers in the future. An audience will speed up your path to profitability.

2. Writing online is a process of discovery. Writing will help you crystalize your ideas. You don’t just write to share what you think. You write to discover what you think. Start writing before you know exactly what you’re going to write about.

3. Writing online will help you find business partners. The Internet is a magnet for like-minded people. Building anything is easier when you team up with people who compliment your weaknesses but share your values. Writing online is the most efficient way to find co-founders.

4. Writing online is the essence of entrepreneurship. To build a business, you need to be comfortable with the judgment of the public eye. The market for words is unforgiving, just like the market for products. Exposing yourself to the free market is the fastest way to improve.

5. Writing online teaches you the basics of digital marketing. Building an audience teaches you the basics of email and social media marketing. You’ll learn about growth, lead magnets, and website design. Building your audience will give you the skills to build your business.

6. Writing online will force you to show up, even when you don’t feel like it. Great businesses are built because the founders show up to work, no matter how they feel. They’re masters of execution who stay true to their long-term vision, even when it loses its excitement.

7. Writing online will teach you to own your audience. When you first start writing, it’s tempting to write on somebody else’s platform. The early page views are fun, but in the long-term, it’s better to write on your own website. In turn, you’ll become a self-reliant marketer.

8. Writing online will improve your business plan. As you write online, people will give you feedback on your ideas. Double-down on the ideas people resonate with. Then, use feedback to improve them. This process will double as a market research project for your future business.

9. Writing online will accelerate your learning. Don’t wait until you’re an expert to write online. Writing online will force you to learn as much as you can and distill your best ideas for public consumption. And as you write online, you’ll build authority in your niche.

10. Writing online will help you pick a market. Use the same strategy for business and writing. Pick a small, but growing market. Learn as much as you can about it. Then, share the best of what you learn. Become a big fish in a small, fast-growing pond.

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