naked brands

Naked Brands are transparent.

They are founded by social media influencers.

They prize on-going communication with fans and customers.




naked brands: fashion

Fashion speaks louder than words. Our relationship with clothing is a staple of our identity and an extension of our skin. The evolution of fashion is driven by culture and communication. In today’s internet era, Vogue no longer guarantees success. Modern brands are made on Instagram — not Vogue.

Today, in this age of hyper-individualism, people want to curate their own image. Social media doubles as a canvas for people to express themselves and craft their own eclectic style. Through brands, we speak the language of fashion. Clothing, is a conversation, style is a vocabulary, and brands are a dialect.


Naked brands: finance

Money managers are a commodity. On average, active managers don’t deliver the value they claim to provide. Most investors are better off with low cost index funds. Investors have responded in waves — ETFs and index funds have exploded in popularity over the past decade. 

Asset and wealth managers face an uncertain future.and their firms must find new ways to grow client assets. Attention has become the defining point of differentiation. Leading firms have openly disclosed their investment strategies. Today, this is controversial; in the future, it will be commonplace.


Naked Brands: Music

Relationships between artists and their fans are changing.

Musicians are profiting less from direct music sales, and more from symphonies of revenue of streams — live events, branded merchandise, and above all, their own fandom communities. Musicians, once tested by tone and tenor, are now measured by their digital persona and are on stage at all times.

Musicians no longer just musicians.

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Naked Brands Basketball

Social media is where personality glows. This day in age is all about the individual. The future of sports is about the athletes themselves, not the teams they play for.

On social media, people want to connect with people — not companies. Likewise, people increasingly want to connect with stars — not teams. 

LeBron James has foreshadowed the future of sports, media, and marketing, and laid the foundation for basketball’s ascent to the global stage.