A Short Guide to Spectacles 🕶

I wore Spectacles for the entirety of a recent trip to northern Chile. They served as my camera and my sunglasses. They’re fun, trendy and intuitive.

Spectacles offer a simple and truly meaningful experience. Each recorded Snap is an opportunity to record and relive memories exactly how we experienced them.

Publishers and creators who experiment with Spectacles and create content for social media should focus on three things: making the videos fun, showing dynamic movement, and recording near-view subjects. With this in mind, people can create engaging content that’s authentic to the Spectacles experience.

  1. Make the Video Fun

Inspiring, uplifting, and beautiful content is most likely to be shared on the Internet. When a video makes us smile, we naturally want to share it with friends and family. Sharing content has become a way to connect with others, and naturally, we want to share positive, enjoyable experiences.

2. Show Dynamic Movement

We live in a world where people share and discover content on Facebook. Distribution has been democratized and it has never been easier to record, edit and share lived experiences. These shifts have birthed a world of content abundance and unlimited consumer choice. It’s never been easier for people to discover your content, but once it’s discovered, it’s never been more difficult to persuade people to watch it.

People go to Facebook to cure boredom. They stay there when they’re entertained. The most successful videos cut through the noise with shot diversity and quick storytelling.

3. Record Close-up Subjects

Creators who share their content on social media should assume that viewers will watch on their phones. Small screen real estate must be maximized. Spectacles do not have a zoom function because they are designed to capture the world in the way you see it. The best shots will focus on a compelling subject within 3–10 feet of the camera. Details in the far distance will be too small to engage the viewer.

The Takeaway:

Recording with Spectacles is a unique opportunity to create new conventions. The best videos will be enabled by the types of videos that can only be recorded with a hands-free camera. Let viewers embody your authentic experience. Let them walk in your shoes and feel what you feel.

In the next decade, all friction will be removed from recording video. We will wear cameras on our bodies and liberally share our experiences with friends, family and sometimes strangers. Spectacles offer a unique perspective at the world we’re entering, and the kind of video that will shine in this new world.

Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more about Spectacles or discussing the future of technology.

Special thanks to Daniel Tucker for editing this post 💯