Write of Passage Podcast

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The Story of the Write of Passage Podcast

Podcasts are a transformative medium. They’re a transformative tool for education, and the best ones are already as good as a lecture at an Ivy League university.

The spoken word is the best way to introduce people to a subject.. With video, you know you’re separated from the subject. But when you listen to a podcast, you feel an intimate connection with the speaker, as if you’re in the room with them.

For better and for worse, the North Star Podcast is one of the hardest things I do logistically. Every episode is a big production, so I’m not able to publish as often as I’d like. Moreover, I enjoy talking about writing more than I like writing about it. I’d rather write about shifts in media, technology’s impact on culture, or how the shift from information scarcity to information abundance influences society.

The Write of Passage Podcast will allow me to share the best things I’ve learned about writing in short snippets that are easy to publish and share. Unlike the North Star, there are no interviews. Each episode is a short lesson on a specific aspect of writing online.