Long-Form Essay Editor

Write of Passage Fellowship


What is the Write of Passage Fellowship? 

The Write of Passage Fellowship is designed to help a small group of intellectually curious people create world-class essays on a topic of their choice.

We started it because the news doesn’t dive deep enough. The problems of the modern world are too complex for short articles with clickbait headlines, so plan to nudge the public conversation in a more thoughtful direction. Each essay will analyze events with the context required to communicate nuance and help the reader understand them. 

Your Commitment

As an editor, here’s what you’ll need be responsible for:

  • 5 hours of work per week for 6 weeks. You’ll use that time to work with your designated fellows and cycle through several iterations of their essay.

At the end of the fellowship, you will have worked with two fellows to produce a 10,000-15,000 word essay on the topic of their choice. The essay should resemble my essay on information flow, Eugene Wei’s essay on Status as a Service, or Michael Nielsen’s essay on Reinventing Explanation

Are You a Good Fit?

  • Instinct for recognizing patterns, organizing ideas and creating categories.

  • Willingness to question assumptions, theories and facts.

  • Visualize the end product while focusing on and remembering details.

  • Recognize what’s missing in an essay and provide concrete solutions for improvement.


You’ll be paid $1,000 USD for the two completed essays ($500 each). This is an opportunity to be connected with our stellar fellows and my Write of Passage community, with more than 400 committed writers. 

Next Steps

Your main points of contact will be David Perell – Founder of Write of Passage (david@perell.com) and Suthen Siva – Director of the Write of Passage Fellowship (suthens@gmail.com). 

If you’re interested in working with us, please respond to this email with a writing sample and a description of why you’re the right person to hire. Please respond with as many specifics as possible. The more you can demonstrate your commitment, the better. 

We want this project to be interesting to you, so please look through the list of essays, tell us which projects you’d like to work on, and describe why you’re the right person to edit the essay.