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how can north star media transform my business?

At North Star Media, we help companies become an authority in their niche. 

We believe that the internet rewards transparent, mission-driven brands. Companies that invest in direct relationships with customers and communicate with them on a consistent basis. 

By sharing ideas and educating customers, brands can build a network around their company. 

That’s where North Star comes in. We believe that evergreen content is the best way to build trust — and customer-centric education is the most effective kind of marketing. 

What’s the Step-by-Step Process? 

Working with North Star Media offers everything you love about content marketing (reaching a bigger network) without all the parts you don’t like (writing, editing, content strategy, promoting, etc.). 

We’ll begin with an interview. We’ll talk about your company, your vision, your brand, and your goals. That way, we’re aligned on the purpose of our work and how we’ll measure success. 

Before we even send you a proposal to work together, we’ll send a short list of questions to kick off our relationship. Then, we’ll do some research to understand your market and your industry. We make sure there’s an opportunity in your niche. If there isn’t, we’ll tell you up front. We don’t want you to invest money if the ROI isn’t there. 

If we agree to work together, we’ll create a customized content strategy.

Then, we’ll be ready to get to work. 

Phase 1 With North Star Media

Our first week together is when we set clear goals and define what success looks like. This stage isn’t glamorous, but it’s essential.

We’ll focus on the ideas you want to be known for, the topics you want to focus on, and the people you want to reach. From there, we’ll develop a detailed content plan and build your editorial calendar. 

We’ll analyze your current marketing strategy and establish a strategic plan to improve it. Then, we’ll discuss how to get your content in front of the best possible audiences. 


the content plan

This is the most important piece of the North Star puzzle. It lays out the kinds of content we should make, the process we’ll use to produce it, and a roadmap for the next few months for creating that content. We’ll agree upon the people we want to reach and develop a plan to do it. 

We’ll put together a voice guide. This will help us ensure that our content aligns with your brand’s goals, your company mission, and its values. 


the production plan

We want to streamline the production process. That means creating the best possible content in the most efficient way possible. We’ll agree upon a system for sharing information and incubating ideas. 

There are many tools we can use to simplify this process and work it into your daily routine. That way, we can be consistent in our output without sacrificing productivity in other areas. 


the promotion plan

Along with the content plan, we’ll put together an initial plan for how we want to promote your content. We’ll pick two or three channels, focus on those, and agree on a cross-promotion strategy between them. 

We’ll agree on metrics and goals. What we optimize for is up to you, although we’re also happy to provide recommendations based on what’s worked for other clients. 


Phase 2 With North Star Media

Content creation doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. 

Once we’re aligned, North Star Media will find content creators to produce initial content samples for you. We’ll put together sample first drafts of content. If you’re not happy with any of them, we’ll keep making revisions until you are. We’ll use this time to ensure the writers meet your standards and expectations. 

Once we’ve agreed on the style and the strategy, we’ll be ready to publish.

phase 3 with North Star Media

The publishing begins! Based on the content plan, the voice guide, and the goals we’ve committed to, we start publishing your content. 

Once we start publishing, you’ll get a regular run-down of the experiments we’re running, and strategies that have worked particularly well. We’ll use data and feedback to learn, iterate, and improve our process. We’ll double down on what works and adjust what doesn’t. 

phase 4 And Beyond

After the first month, we’ll settle into a more regular schedule of publishing content, promoting it, testing experiments, and sharing results with you. 

It can take a few months to start to see results, but we’ll have a sense of how well we’re doing after the 3rd or 4th month. From there, we’ll adjust our strategy accordingly. 

If the strategy is going well, we have a number of ways to fine-tune the content and grow your network. If the initial strategy isn’t working, we can adjust our course as necessary. Throughout our time working together, we’ll continuously modify how we’re creating and promoting your content. 

At North Star Media, our goal is to help you reach your audiences as efficiently and effectively as possible.