Patri Friedman: Government in the Information Age

Patri Friedman: Government in the Information Age North Star Podcast

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My guest today is Patri Friedman, a political theorist who’s on a mission to increase competition in government. In 2008, Patri founded the Seasteading Institute with a mission create sovereign ocean colonies and “establish permanent, autonomous ocean communities to enable experimentation and innovation with diverse social, political, and legal systems.” We spend tons of time talking about Seasteading and competitive governance in the episode. 

We also talk about the incredible foresight of Marshall McLuhan, the impact of modern technology on government, the future of the nation state, the rise of city states, and the rise of digital addictions in the internet age. I hope you enjoy this episode. This episode is everything the North Star Podcast is supposed to be: wild, wacky, weird, and wonderful. Patri has so many new and thought-provoking ideas. I hope you enjoy this episode.




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Show Topics

1:45 – Democracy and technology

6:45 – Patri reflects and dissects the different ages mankind has progressed through throughout history and speculates where we may head next. 

11:00 – David explains the inversion of media that occurs with the progression of technology and how it can be seen in today’s society, 

13:30 – Patri explains how the speed of change in technology is resulting in generations that are least fit or familiar with their environment.  

20:00 -Patri explains the value and benefits of diversity in terms of how things are done  when it comes to social and economic change or progress over time.

30:25 – Reconstructing history and revisiting lessons from the past and examining how they can be applied to modern times. 

34:00 Patri continues to explore the concept of extropy within the systems we create in our world. 

38:50 Patri on how we are closer than ever to being able to build machines and technology that is as complicated as ourselves. 

39:40 Patri gets into some of the structural compilations of democracy.

46:30 “Many to many” communication and how our society is and needs to embrace it. 

50:45 – What technology is actually “good” for the world. How does new tech affect or improve the human condition?

52:31 – David shares his concerns on the increasing trend of digital addiction, and how frictionless the entry process of digital addiction has become.

54:00 David and Patri discuss some of the ways we can mitigate the dangers and effects of addiction. 

1:06:30 – The shift of governance as its enabled by new technologies.

1:13:19 – Governing as an industry, and how we could benefit as a whole through more diverse experimentation. 

1:26:01 – Patri relates poker to the world investments.

1:32:00 How keeping things the same can actually make them the most different.

1:36:12 – Patri shares some insights on how his family has influenced him.