Morgan Housel: Long Term Thinking


Today’s guest is Morgan Housel, a partner at the Collaborative Fund, a venture capital firm backing young companies that are moving the world forward.

He was previously a columnist at the Wall Street Journal and the Motley Fool. Morgan has an uncanny ability to take complex ideas, distill them, and communicate them in simple ways. His writing draws from psychology, history, neurology, and sociology. Morgan is also an expert on behavioral finance and investing history.

In this episode, we talk about Morgan’s experience growing up in Lake Tahoe as a ski racer and how it’s impacted his career. Morgan shares stories from America in “The Roaring” 1920s, The Great Depression, and World War II. We discuss penicillin’s impact on the modern world, why Morgan is so interested in learning about how people respond to stress, and why psychology has taught him so much about investing.


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