Andy McCune: Why Products Go Viral

Andy McCune: How Products Go Viral North Star Podcast

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My guest today is Andy McCune, an entrepreneur and creative who co-founded Unfold, a mobile design tool kit for storytellers that was acquired by Squarespace.

He also runs an Instagram account called Earth with 1.1 million followers. Andy is one of the very most talented people I know. And he has a more intuitive, make-it-and-test-it way of working than most of the people on this podcast. I’ve built a friendship with him as he’s flown under the radar for years. I remember talking to Andy about Unfold back when it was just a small side project, and it’s been a joy to watch Andy grow and scale the business.

Please enjoy my conversation with Andy McCune. 

1:34 – Quality growth hacking plus aesthetics

3:05 – Growing up outside the internet

8:00 – The importance of music at Soulcycle

10:02 – the most successful companies are curating content not creating it

15:45 – The importance of being in the middle of everything

23:50 – The legacy of Tumblr

32:05 – The evolution of the ‘Stories’ format

38:22 – Building intuitively

44:01 – Swinging between different ideas

50:45 – How has Andy been so successful with Influencer Marketing?

55:02 – Cross promotion through Influencers

1:02:55 – The story of Unfold

1:11:29 – Built-in distribution tool of Unfold

1:17:01 – Andy’s love of Tulum, Mexico

1:21:15 – America as the most self-critical society

1:27:20 – The modern day need for Coding

1:35:00 – The Post-Industrial Economy

1:39:20 – Stop trying to be original