The North Star Podcast is a wide-ranging series of interviews with writers, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

To date, the podcast has been downloaded more than 250,000 times. Each episode is insight-dense and packed with surprising twists and turns that illuminate the guest’s worldview.

New episodes are released on Mondays. I also send a weekly email on Wednesdays with quotes, show notes, and a full transcript of each episode.

Latest episode

Rob Henderson: An Internet Academic

Rob Henderson is one of my favorite up-and-coming writers. I like him because he’s one of those people who doesn’t fit into a category. He’s a Ph.D. candidate in psychology, but I met him in a book club about technological stagnation. He’s spent years in the academy, first at Yale and now at Cambridge, but most of his influence comes from his online writing.

How To Build Your Personal Monopoly

Uncover your strengths, clearly communicate your value, start building your reputation online.

Starting to write online was the single best professional decision I’ve ever made, by an enormous margin."

Packy McCormick

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