Director of Operations

Come turn Write of Passage into the world’s best writing school.

In the early 20th century, writers and artists used to meet at coffee shops in Paris to discuss ideas and help each other with their craft. Write of Passage will bring those conversations online. Every student joins a club of curious and ambitious writers who are passionate about writing online and improving their thinking.

Write of Passage sits at the intersection of a collection of disciplines. It touches entertainment, psychology, community building, and personal growth. You’ll have your hands in each part of the business, and I’ll work with you to define the product roadmap. The pace of work will be intense, so you must be self-driven. You’ll work harder than you would in most other jobs, but you’ll have a lot more freedom over what you work on and how you want to work.

As Director of Operations, you’ll manage the operations of Write of Passage. Your fingers will be in every part of the business, from marketing to to teaching to event planning. Promoting Write of Passage demands an ambitious content strategy. This year, I’ll publish more than 200,000 words, the rough equivalent of three books, and as part of your work, you’ll help me increase the quantity and quality of my output.

This is an excellent opportunity for a self-starter who wants to join a mission-driven company. You’ll have freedom to lead your own projects, as long as they reflect the core needs of the business.

Your responsibilities will spread between Write of Passage and my personal content creation endeavors.

This is a full-time position based in New York.

personality Traits and job Responsibilities

Who You Are

  • You love ideas. You’re an avid reader with a never-ending thirst for knowledge.

  • Your writing must be superb.

  • Your comfortable with the chaos and unpredictability that comes with building an early-stage business.

  • Your comfortable working with all kinds of media, including video, podcasts, and the written word.

  • Work fast.

  • Comfortable with modern technologies including Zoom, Google, and the Adobe Suite.

  • Punctual and detail-oriented. You love being in the weeds and don’t miss deadlines or little details.

  • You’re comfortable taking initiative and managing yourself. You will have tons of freedom and won’t be micro-managed, but I’ll expect lots of initiative from you.

The Kinds of Projects You’ll Work On

  • Organizing and facilitating my live Creative Process Workshop

  • Writing and setting up email funnels to promote Write of Passage

  • Brainstorming and editing long essays

  • Answering student emails

  • Facilitating connection and conversations between students

  • Managing operations for each Write of Passage cohort

  • Customer service for students

  • Setting up Zoom calls for live course sessions

  • Producing videos and podcasts

  • Sending emails to Write of Passage students

  • Maintaining and moderating the student forum

  • Planning webinars and masterminds

Extra Consideration Given to People Who

  • Have completed Building a Second Brain and Write of Passage

  • Based in New York

If you’re interested, please apply here.