“now” page

Hey, welcome to my “Now” page.

This is a big picture look at my life. It’s a collection of everything I’m focused on right now. If you’re new to the site, start here.

Here are the basics:

  1. I’m living in New York. 

  2. I’m writing as much as I can.

  3. I’m building North Star Media.

  4. I’m hosting the North Star Podcast.

  5. I’m growing my Monday Musings newsletter.


North star media

I help companies transform their brands in three months or less.

My work is focused on three pillars of modern marketing: (1) sharing ideas, (2) attracting attention, and (3) building influence. 

You can learn more about my work here.

long form Writing

My Book

I’m writing a book about the future of marketing, inspired by my Naked Brands thesis.

As I write the book, I’m conducting tons of interviews.

I plan to self-publish the book, and sell it on Amazon and right here, on my website. 

In-Depth Essays

I’m trying to raise my own standard for internet essays. My most popular essays, such as Naked Brands, The Algorithmic Trap and Mastering the Media continue to float through the internet and bring new visitors to my website every day. 

Even though writing a really good evergreen essay takes at least 50 hours, the work is worth it since visitors continue to read them day after day. To make these long-essays special, I try to make them unique or super in-depth.


Short Form writing

Monday Musings

Every week, I write a short email newsletter. It has three sections. At the top, I’ll share an idea that’s top of mind. In the middle, I share the coolest things I learn every week. Readers love this section. And at the bottom, I go back in time, find a photo, and share it with people. I call it the “Photo of the Week.” 

You can subscribe to the Monday Musings here.

Short Snippets

Every now and then, I’ll have epiphanies. When they come, I stop everything I’m doing and capture the idea in a 500-1,500 word article.

Compared to my longer essays, these shorter articles are simpler and more actionable. My favorite examples are How to Maximize Serendipity and The Never-Ending Now.

The Barbell Strategy

As you can see, I’m apply a barbell approach to writing.

I write long form pieces that will stand the test of time and short-form pieces that are more topical. With my long form pieces, I seek tremendous depth or a counter-intuitive perspective on an ordinary subject. In contrast, with my short form pieces, I write about ideas that are top of mind and strive to build a consistent relationship with you — the reader.

North Star Podcast

I host the North Star Podcast.

I interview people who (1) live with joy, (2) learn passionately, and (3) see the world in a unique way. 

There’s nothing more fun than resonating with somebody’s ideas, interviewing them, and building friendships with guests afterwards.

You can find the North Star Podcast interviews here. 

My First Online Course

Inspired by my client work, I’m in the early stages of a new online course geared at professionals looking to build their personal brands. On the internet, everybody is like a media company. If you share your ideas consistently, you attract like-minded people and an abundance of serendipity

My online course will be aimed at founders and professionals eager to build a personal brand, share their ideas publicly, and attract inbound marketing leads.

Small Things

I’m reading the Robert Caro biographies. I recently finished The Power Broker (wrote about it here and here). Now, I’m halfway done with Means of Ascent, the second book in his 4-book, 3,000+ page biography of Lyndon B. Johnson. 

I’ll be in New York throughout the holidays. Then, I’ll be in Mexico City in January and February.

I’m learning to draw. I’m following the exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Suggestions are appreciated.

I’m focusing on three books: Making Sense of God by Tim Keller, Revolt of the Public by Martin Gurri, and The Mechanical Bride by Marshall McLuhan.

If any of this resonated you, please get in touch.

You can reach me by email: david [at] perell [dot] com.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my Monday Musings newsletter.

Updated November 14 from New York City.