Virgil Abloh: Nike “Ten” Collection

Nike just dropped a 258-page book on @virgilabloh’s “The Ten” collection.

The book is a trip through Virgil Abloh’s mind. It’s a collection of stories and techniques with lesson on art and design.

When Virgil writes, it’s worth reading.

When Virgil speaks, it’s worth listening.

When Virgil designs, it’s worth watching.

Virgil says: “It’s a Creative Renaissance.”

“A young generation possesses ideas that an older generation can now learn from in any genre, whether it’s art, fashion, architecture, music. I see it as a renaissance instead of an Armageddon”


Virgil says: “Embrace the Errors.”

“The only space we have left is handmade.”

“One thing that I notice in my work, I haven’t been able to figure out perfectionism. I like errors. I like the expression.”



Virgil says: “Edit. Edit. Edit.”

“Practice reduction and removal.” “What I found is when you cut things, it releases energy; it gives you a window into what the maker sees.”



Virgil says: “Add a twist.”

“To make something interesting, is not about totally reverting the whole thing, it’s, like, ten minutes, or, a ten percent twist.”


Virgil asks: “How do you give something new life without shaking off its foundation?



Virgil says: “Mix and Match.” “I was born in an era when rock and roll and rap music were mixing. My friends and I were skaters, so we were just wearing graphic T-shirts, we were wearing jeans. The style within sport was sort of how I learned fashion.”


Virgil says: “Bring technology to everybody.”

“What I like is finding ways to make that technology relatable… That’s, like, what I sort of specialize in. Visually communicating that, making it approachable, making it lifestyle, so you get the next level of adaptation.”


Virgil says: “Trust your emotions.”

“Finding my vocabulary in design is purely emotional, less about trying to find perfection. The memory of these shoes becomes important… Close your eyes and draw what you think you’ve known, then you notice that it’s a little bit off.”


VIrgil says: “Jordan is a Superhero”





Virgil says: “People want the feeling of handmade products.”

“Even the retro Nike products come out perfect. I wanted to sort of rough them up, then put them back on a Nike assembly line and have them come back out feeling handmade.”


Virgil says: “Vintage is a holy spot.”