Create a Personal Podcast

More people should have personal podcasts. 20 episodes, 5 minutes each.

No ads. No fluff. Make every episode about a specific aspect of your worldview. Then, link to the podcast on your website and send it to clients, customers, or friends who want to learn about you. 

Your podcasts can be casual, but don’t speak off-the-cuff. Write a short outline for each episode. Then, follow the bullet points as you record. Even though the podcast is about you, focus on the ideas more than yourself. But you should tell stories about yourself through the lens of an idea. Rather than telling the story of a meal you had in New York City, talk about your philosophy of finding delicious food when you travel (if you’re in New York, eat on the streets instead of the avenues and at the edges of the island where the restaurants are less crowded and more local. That way, satisfied listeners will share the episodes, which will maximize the serendipity of publishing online.

Having published more than 100 podcast episodes, my biggest piece of advice is to nail the sound quality. People can ignore bad video, but bad audio drives them crazy. Use a high-end microphone and record in a quiet room without a lot of echo. You can borrow a friend’s equipment or copy my audio setup.

What’s the benefit of a podcast, as opposed to writing? First, even though you should speak efficiently, the standards for perfection are lower in audio than they are with the written word. Second, it’s often easier to talk about yourself than it is to write. Finally, it’s faster to produce an hour worth of audio than an hour of written material. Creating a personal podcast will help you skip the small talk of ordinary conversation so people can learn the most important things about you. Once you publish, anybody will be able to understand your worldview at no cost to you.

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