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Monday Musings

In Monday Musings, I share the coolest things I learn every week. The ideas are as diverse as my interests. On any given week, you might learn about the philosophy of Aristotle, the state of universities, or how technology shapes Western culture. No matter what, I promise that each edition will be fresh and worthy of your attention.

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Friday Finds

Friday Finds is not like other links-only newsletters, which are focused on the news and the drama of the day. Instead, I aim to only share links that you won’t find elsewhere. Friday Finds is a break from the rest of the news-obsessed Internet, where curators focus on utility over interestingness, urgency over wisdom, and the timely over the timeless.

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Write Of Passage Weekly

Write of Passage Weekly brings you the best writing advice on the Internet. Each edition is 100% devoted to helping you improve your writing, find your people, and build your Personal Monopoly. We’ll answer your questions, curate links, share tools, and give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Write of Passage. Thanks for having us in your inbox. Happy writing!

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More From Our Readers

Friday Finds is the only newsletter I always click open. It has invaluable references to content you won’t find anywhere else.


Been subscribed to Monday Musings and Friday Finds for a while now and all I have to say is that David needs to be named Chief Curating Officer (CCO) of the internet!


The ideas are so fresh and I always have more than a thing or two to learn and think about. That’s what a good writer does to you: makes you think.


Thank you for taking the time to put together this wonderful newsletter. I have to discover new authors and perspectives of the world which are making me smarter. It’s like a breath of fresh air and I enjoy reading it on Saturday mornings over the coffee.


I’m signed up to a lot of email newsletters but David Perell’s are the only ones I read without fail. I click through on at least one item in his newsletter every time and every now and then I find something utterly transformative – transformative to my business, to my thinking about the world or about how I write. They are gold-dust! Keep up the great work.

Mike Baxter

One of the most original, thought provoking young entrepreneurs: David researches and shares some truly stunning insights from philosophy, business and academia. It’s grounded in humanity, simplicity and elegance. Beautiful work.