kara Goldin: Hinting towards Health



Kara Godin is the founder and CEO of Hint. 

In this episode Kara discusses her journey, sharing stories from her first couple jobs after college at Time Magazine and CNN in New York City.

In 1994, Kara moved to San Francisco, where she worked as AOL’s Vice President of E-Commerce and Shopping, before founding Hint in 2005. 

The idea behind Hint is simple: pure water, with a hint of natural flavor. In this episode, Kara shares the philosophies that drive her business mentality, such as solving problems for people and hiring employees who think differently. And she shares why Phil Knight’s book, Shoe Dog resonates with her so strongly. 

At the end of the episode, Kara tells an amazing story about building a bookshelf with Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) in Seattle when Amazon had only 50 employees.