My Podcast Interviews

Usually I do the podcast interviewing.

On the North Star Podcast, I interview all kinds of high-achievers, such as artists, writers, and entrepreneurs. And on the Write of Passage Podcast, I share short snippets about what it takes to become a successful online writer.

But sometimes, the table flips and other people interview me. These are the best podcast appearances I’ve had.



This is the best podcast I’ve ever done. Anthony Pompliano is an outstanding interviewer, and he created the space for a wonderful discussion. We talked about writing as a source of leverage, why teenager billionaires are coming, and why the mainstream media lost its monopoly over public attention. You can watch the video on YouTube, listen to the podcast, or read this summary of the conversation.

Modern Wisdom

Chris Williamson and I discussed the joys of travel, the value of writing online, and why people should consume ideas that have stood the test of time. This is the first place I publicly shared my rubber band philosophy of creativity, where I outline why balancing production and consumption is like breathing. You can listen to the podcast here, watch a video on YouTube, or read this summary of the conversation.



That Creative Life


Writer on the Side


Half a thought

We spoke about the future of media, and specifically the rise of Naked Brands. Then, we discussed why identity is the key to transformative learning experiences and why knowledge workers should train more like athletes. You can listen to the podcast here.

I’ve done two interviews with Sara Dietschy (a YouTuber with more than 500,000 subscribers) on her That Creative Life Podcast. My frequent collaborator, Nik Sharma has joined me for both interviews, which makes these podcasts unlike any of the others I’ve done. In the first episode, we discussed influencer marketing and direct-to-consumer brands. And in the second one, we talked about the downsides of venture capital money and outlined our favorite tactics for attracting the right audience. You can listen to the first podcast here, and the second one here.

This podcast tracks close to the ideas I share in Write of Passage. In it, I discuss why being uniquely interesting is the fastest way to build a personal monopoly. I also share strategies for writing fast, such as building a note-taking system and coming up with ideas away from the computer instead of waiting until you see the flashing cursor before your eyes. You can listen to the podcast here.

Abhinav Kejriwal and I discuss effective techniques to think, write, and create content, while also offering life advice, productivity tips, and ideation strategies. You can watch our conversation on Youtube in addition to listening to the podcast here.