Looking for software engineers

  • Mission: Higher education is broken. It has left an entire generation in debt, unable to start families, buy homes, or find fulfilling careers at nearly the rates of their parents. Our mission is to build the shared educational and credentialing platform within colleges and universities needed to reinvent the system.

  • Traction: After just a year and a half and $450k of initial funding:

    • Will be on >70 4-year college campuses by the end of the year

    • Collaborations with Google and Unity Technologies

    • Over 20 available fully-accredited degree programs offered to colleges in partnership with faculty from Harvard, Yale, U of Mich, and other top schools

    • Series A term sheet in hand from a top VC

  • Team: includes 4 Harvard alums (formerly Blackstone, Decoded (Head of Product), Cadre (VP – Corporate Strategy), and Foros), 1 Y Combinator alum, and a college president.

  • Looking for: a software engineering lead proficient in Node/React/MySQL and with at least 2 years of experience. They will lead the transition of our student registration & class delivery system into a more reliable and scalable platform that can handle a 100x increase in students.

  • Contact: if you or anyone you know is interested in the position (or future positions of any nature), please email harrington@rizeeducation.co