Oh Snap: It’s Here

Contrary to popular belief, SnapChat isn’t just an app for sending disappearing photos.

With the rise of native advertisements and enhanced “My Story” features, my obsession with SnapChat continues to rise. Remarkably, SnapChat is seemingly unused by anybody older than 25 — “they just don’t get it.”

Since arriving at school this fall, it’s become my main method of digital interaction with friends. Instead of hiding in my personal bubble, I share my perspective on our beautiful world with all my classmates. I stay current with their lives via artistic touches that guarantee an unparalleled freedom of expression that only SnapChat can produce.

Last weekend, I experienced a buddy’s trip to Nashville, a sold-out Ludacris concert, and countless My Stories from homecoming weekend. Each snap had eye-opening visuals, natural sound, and the unique artistic interpretation that only SnapChat can provide.

Other social networks overwhelm us with F.O.M.O, but SnapChat’s authenticity lets us to live vicariously through my friends. It fosters sharedexperiences.

Maybe it’s Metcalf’s law, troubles with the CEO, or a stigma against SnapChat’s brand, but this app is seemingly irrelevant for anybody born before 1990.

SnapChat doesn’t look like they’re trying to combat that stigma. In fact, their recent press release looks like it was written by a “5th grader.” It shows the honesty, transparency and simplicity that millennials desire and GenXers frown upon.



SnapChat will excel and grow in popularity because it provides millennials with the communication traits they crave most.

1. Autonomy

2. Simplicity

3. Visual Appeal

Each “snap” is different. Snapchatters are free to add filters, colors, and other details to share their unique perspective on the moment. They’re sharing in the present through a medium that’s safer than the judgmental eyes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On SnapChat, your content disappears along with the pressures of posting content online.

SnapChat has captured the ephemerality of life and the rapid sharing that digital natives covet. And the best part: it’s just the beginning 🙂