my favorite art

A smorgasbord of paintings, architecture, and anything that makes the world a little more beautiful.



“Port de Marseille” by paul signac

This is my favorite painting of all-time.


Elora is a London-based designer. I’ve always loved bright, cotton-candy colors — especially blue, pink, and purple.

When I first discovered her work, I loved it so much that I contacted her directly. Like me, she’s a fan of Paul Signac.

She lives for sunrises and sunsets — when the bright, vibrant colors make the sky glow.



worlds by porter robinson

The “Worlds” live set by Porter Robinson is the best performance I’ve ever seen. It was more than music. It was a journey, an adventure, and an auto-biography.

In 20 steps by studio drift

“In 20 Steps” by Studio Drift knocked me off my feet when I saw it at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Like a bird, it moves with grace + shines with elegance. It’s a tribute to human flight. And a testament to humanity’s ability to defy gravity.

New York art deco architecture

New York’s Art Deco architecture is spectacular.

During the day time, high rises stand above the clouds. At night, they crown themselves with the stars.

Art Deco was celebration of progress, modernity and the ever-replenishing future.

If you want to learn about New York City and feel the hustle-and-bustle culture of the Roaring 20s, study Art Deco.

Brooklyn Bridge

Love this 1936 painting of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Not for the aesthetics, but for what it represents. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Style is an external expression of the inner spirit of the time.”

Here, we find beauty in technology. The painting radiates with optimism, vibrates with dynamic energy, and glows like the windows of a church.